OdoCare Baby Product RangeServasol are proud to announce the introduction of the OdoCare Baby products within the UK. The Odocare Baby range of disposable nappy bins were presented earlier this year and well received at the Nursery World Show Exhibition 2015, which was held at The Business Design Centre in London.

The Odocare Baby disposable nappy bin received such positive feedback from the Nursery World Show Exhibition, upon returning to the Netherlands the manufacturer of the OdoCare Baby (Garland Company B.V) commenced looking for a reliable sales & distribution channel within the UK.

Servasol Ltd are proud to announce that the Garland Company B.V. has chosen us to distribute the OdoCare Baby disposable nappy bin within the UK.

For UK enquiries please Contact Us or visit www.odocarebaby.com for further information.

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